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My Top 3 Tools for keeping up to date with digital

Lots of people have been asking me lately how I keep up with the trends in the digital space so here’s my quick list.

1. I use “RockMelt” RELIGIOUSLY. It allows me to keep all my RSS feeds, Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts, etc. all in the same place that I browse. For those that haven’t heard of RockMelt – It’s a browser built on Google’s Chrome platform so I don’t have to give up anything in my browsing experience.


Screenshot of RockMelt

As you can see RockMelt sports two panels on each side of the browser. On the left, all my Facebook friends. On the right all my RSS Feeds and accounts. When you click on any of the RSS icons…

RockMelt screengrab

What you get is an overlay that stays there until you click somewhere else on the page. So the state remains in hover as you keep clicking through links you like.

Twitter provides a comparable experience but even better as it pulls multimedia into the stream:

RockMelt with a Twitter Stream overlay

You can download RockMelt for free here

2. The next piece of the puzzle is my usage of Growl.

Growl shows me notifications from the top right hand side of my screen and there are more than one update at a time, I’ll see them all in succession like so:

Growl Notifications

Usually it’s just one message though so don’t be scared off.

Growl Downloads:

Mac / PC

3. Finally you’ll want to add your accounts to RockMelt

The real trick here is to not overdo it. You don’t want to have to check on more than three feeds at a time or there’s no human way to digest it all / drink from the firehose.

Here are my favourite feeds:

  • Hacker News (Usually the top news stories / discussions in the startup world)
  • Mashable (Social Media / General digital hot topics and tutorials)
  • All Things Digital (The name says it all)
  • My Twitter feed
  • My Facebook feed

That’s it! As long as you’re browsing or just have your browser open you’ll get non-disruptive updates all day long.

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