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Apple's getting into TV, AirBnB is outselling Hilton and Wind energy is now cheaper than coal

Apple announces TV streaming service and Credit Cards

Tim Cook presented a new service that will run on existing Apple TV devices, called TV+. It has some A list backing from heavy hitters like JJ Abrams and Steven Spielberg (who recently said that Netflix shouldn't be able to be nominated for an academy award) - with some interesting content. It is supposed to be free to anyone that owns an Apple TV device.

Apple unveils its subscription streaming service, Apple TV+

Key Takeaway

Until I saw that this content would be free, I actually felt like Apple was late to the party. They've tried this before with their music offering when they went up against Spotify, but haven't fared as well with a lack of content. This time around, it looks like they're taking content seriously.

If they get pick up (as in, people will buy more of their TV devices to get their free content), Apple will go back to owning the hardware that you experience a good chunk of your entertainment on. Which means they'll own the plastic that Netflix, HBO, Disney and Warner will stream on.

This could mean that they have master ownership of all your TV watching data, which would mean a much more compelling targeted advertising platform.

Watch out "regular" TV networks. This could smush your targeted advertising plans.

Americans spent more on AirBnB than on Hilton reservations in 2018

Hilton is the second biggest hotel network (next to Marriott) and was overtaken by AirBnB in room purchases in late 2018. You can find the full analysis here:

Ahead of IPO, Airbnb’s consumer sales surpass most hotel brands

Key Takeaway

AirBnB is yet another technology product that is overtaking a business that's been around since well before I was born. User data = market dominance. End of story.

Roughly 75% of coal production is more expensive than renewable energy

A new report this week shows that the majority of coal production in the US is more costly than wind power. Full disclosure - this was put together by a research firm that focuses on renewable energy, so keep in mind, there may be some bias.


Key Takeaway

As renewable energy continues to be cheaper than traditional sources, we'll likely see a majority of the population start to own their own energy sources, from solar panel installations to turbine leasing. This will have devastating effects on industries like hydro, oil and gas around 2025 when fossil fuels are projected to be phased out.

Apple's getting into TV, AirBnB is outselling Hilton and Wind energy is now cheaper than coal
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